Asda Newport Bag for Life brief



Your new Isle of Wight Asda store, which is set to launch in Newport, is looking for one young island resident to create a bespoke Bag for Life for the store opening. This bag design will be sold instore and will be available for Islanders and visitors to the island to buy and use. Asda would like the bag design to reflect what the child designer loves most about the Isle of Wight and its past. The winning designer will be invited to the store opening day as a guest of honour and will be able to collect the first of their designs.

Rules for submissions

To enter, simply create a design on one side of A4. The design cannot be any larger than A4 in size and only one entry is allowed per child. Also, the design must be completed in felt tip pen or paint in order for the design to be produced.

The judge’s decision is final and to qualify the winner must be available to attend the store opening day on 21st August.

Each entry must have the name of the child and their parent or guardian’s contact details on the other side so they can be easily notified if they are the winner. If entering via a school, the school’s contact details can be used instead. 

The prize

A £50 Asda giftcard and the opportunity to be guest of honour at the store launch. The winner will also receive a sample of their final design to keep.

Where to send your submission


Please send submissions to Corey Kitchener, Asda press office, Havas PR, 52 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6JX. Alternatively, entries can be scanned and sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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